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The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 46: China abolishes export quotas for rare earths – No major impact expected on markets

Of no real surprise comes the Chinese decision to follow the WTO rule after having lost a dispute in March 2014. As a consequence the Chinese Government will abolish its export quotas for rare earths that were in place for more...[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 45: News from recent Rare Earths Conference in Singapore

GE Lighting presented some new numbers caused by change of technology. All figures are based on a study published by the US Department of Energy.[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 44: The world of Technology Metals

This year’s Nobel prize in physics was awarded to 3 scientists developing blue colour LEDs, contributing for a revolution in lighting and consumer electronics.[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 43: Some markets may attract our attention

According to Metal-Pages, Fanya Metal Exchange plans to introduce some new metals including Rhenium and Rare Earths in the near future.[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No.42: New stimulus for strategic metals

China approved stockpile program for Rare Earths End of July Chinese Government finally decided to buy some 10,000 tons of rare earth oxides for their national stockpile.[more]

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