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The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 58: Will rare metals follow the oil trend?

After most of Chinese production has shut down in recent months’ prices have bottomed out and show some upward trends. This goes along with some positive signals from the consumer markets.[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 57: Long-term significant growth in demand for strategic metals expected

The actual low prices are driving the use of strategic metals for many innovations. At the same they help new technologies achieve their breakthrough.[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 56: Turbulent times

But nevertheless there is number of metals that have some good potential for the years ahead. Similar to oil it is rather unlikely that prices will crash through the floor. In particular this applies for metals that are highly...[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 55: Critical metals for a better environment

In the last couple of weeks the news were full of the serious air pollution in Beijing. Car usage is strictly regulated; factories and schools are being closed. People have to wear face masks when being outside. Public life comes...[more]


The TRADIUM-Newsletter No. 54: 2015 Rare Earth Conference in Singapore

Illegal mining has played an important role in this year’s Rare Earth Conference. The overall estimation still sees a 40% share in China’s total output. A number of different Governmental measures did not really work out so far.[more]

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